Dániel Csuja

Double Bass / Hungary

After having played the cello for twelve years, Hungarian-born musician Dániel Csuja took up playing the contrabass. His teacher was Dávid Csuti, a member of the Hungarian Radio Orchestra. He was admitted to the Béla Bartók Conservatory in Budapest where he attended the class of István Lukácsházi, winning the second prize at the prestigious Hungarian National Contrabass Competition. (This was an outstanding performance considering that he had only been playing the contrabass for 2 years at that time.) Last year he was admitted to the Franz Liszt Music Academy where he is studying with Péter Kubina and Zsolt Fejérvári. With the Gödöllő Symphonic Orchestra, he performed in several concerts.

Simultaneously Dániel Csuja studies tourism at the Corvinus University Budapest. He considers the cognitive skills acquired there a supplement to the technical challenges he faces when learning to play a musical work.